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    Theracords: The Opposition Album
    Theracords: The Opposition Album

    Order Theracords: The Opposition Album

    € 16,95
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    Dj Thera - The New Era
    Dj Thera - The New Era

    Get the newest album by DJ Thera, The New Era. Exclusively on!

    Dj Thera proved himself a diverse warrior with his Training Sessions album. But now, he has joined his own true sound into one. Combining the best of…

    € 16,95 € 12,95
  • Alphaverb - Latency (Album)
    Alphaverb - Latency (Album)

    First cd's will be send on the 15th of November!

    Tracklist:01. Overdrive Ya Woofah
    02. Heat of the Sun
    03. Houserockerz
    04. Triangle Of Life (ft. Intractable One)
    05. My Frequency
    06. Turbulence (ft. Intractable One)
    07. Guerilla…

    € 9,95
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    Alphaverb - Substream (Album)
    Alphaverb - Substream (Album)


    1. Rockin' Da Rework
    2. The Otherside (Album Version)
    3. Give It Up Again (ft. Bass Modulators)
    4. Energize
    5. Just A Little Noise (ft. Run-A)
    6. Controlled Chaos
    7. Roots Of Evil (ft. Intractable One)
    8. F*ck The Nice…

    € 12,95 € 4,95
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    DJ Thera - Training Sessions (Album)
    DJ Thera - Training Sessions (Album)

    Training Sessions is a representation of all things Dj Thera knows and loves in hardstyle music. It is an immersive auditory story that will make you travel through the mind of the master. This is one of those albums every…

    € 16,95 € 7,95

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